Yes, the Entrepreneurship Club frequently collaborates with other clubs and organizations to host events. By partnering with different groups, they can create more diverse and impactful gatherings, bringing together a broader range of expertise and interests to enrich the overall experience for participants.

Entrepreneurship Club provides mentorship and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs beyond events. Through one-on-one mentoring sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, club members can receive valuable advice, support, and resources to help them develop their entrepreneurial ideas and ventures. This ongoing support aims to foster and nurture the growth of future entrepreneurs within the club community.

The events organized by the Entrepreneurship Club are typically open to students from all academic backgrounds and majors. The club aims to foster a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial community, welcoming individuals from various disciplines who share an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. This inclusive approach encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and creative thinking among attendees.



Eclub’s largest event, Startup Summit ’23, took place on August 3, 2023. Young entrepreneurs had the chance to showcase their business ideas and gain valuable insights. The esteemed judging panel, featuring Ms. Fiona Nanayakkara, Ms. Lonali Rodrigo, and Dr. Azmeer Mohammed, crowned PurePureGuard from UTS Sri Lanka as the dual champion in both judges’ decisions and audience popularity. 



Eclub’s collaboration with esteemed innovation training partner Curve Up culminated in an electrifying event on July 27, 2023, specifically designed for APIIT students and Startup ’23 participants. Guided by the experienced hand of Mr. Mohammed Fawaz, the founder of Curve Up, the workshop provided a dynamic opportunity to hone the art of effective pitching. It was a vibrant and engaging experience, equipping attendees with invaluable skills for their entrepreneurial journey.



The E-club and Full Stack Computer Society of APIIT collaborated to host an interactive program called “Digital Marketing Essentials,” exploring the evolving world of marketing in the digital era. The program aimed to empower students with in-depth knowledge of technology-driven marketing practices.


APIIT’s Entrepreneur’s Club hosted the “Start-up Day – Pre Ramadan edition” fair on March 21, 2023. It empowered young entrepreneurs by showcasing various products and awarded a Rs 10,000 cash prize to the winner. The event celebrated Ramadan while fostering an entrepreneurial community.


The APIIT Entrepreneur’s Club organized a unique Valentine’s Day Start-up Day on February 14, 2023, showcasing innovative ventures and providing entrepreneurs a spotlight. The event featured delightful candies, mind-boggling perfume, and various goodies, making it a memorable occasion for all participantts


APIIT’s Entrepreneurship Club joined forces with other clubs to host “Musique De Noel,” a heartwarming Carol Service celebrating Christmas. The event spread cheer and raised funds for the Divisarana Rehabilitation Skills Development Centre for Special Needs in Kurunegala.


APIIT’s E-club hosted an “Ecopreneur” webinar during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022, featuring speakers Shiran Salgado (Sebastco) and Lonali Rodrigo (House of Lonali). They shared valuable insights on eco-friendly business practices and aligning values for betterment.


The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology’s Entrepreneurship Club was revived with an AGM, promoting innovation and risk-taking. Patron Mr. Vihanga Jayasinghe highlighted the club’s history and aspirations for the new committee’s future to shape up the future.